Flat Roofing Maintenance Tips

You typically find flat roofs in areas with hot, dry weather.

That being said though, they can still take as much punishment as roofs in other parts of the country. So if you want your flat roof to fulfill it’s potential for a long and useful lifespan, then these are the maintenance tips you need to know.

Keep it Clean

If you can get up there are perform periodical cleans then you are going to greatly extend the lifespan of your roof.

This is particularly true if you live in area with overhanging trees. You will find that a flat roof can be a bit of a magnet for leaf debris and twigs that come off trees. All of that stuff can build up and start blocking drainage channels, making it harder for water to effectively drain from your roof.

This can lead to water pooling and hanging around much longer than it should, which can also lead to damage in the long term.

Equipment Check

You will often find lots of equipment attached directly to or close to a flat roof. Whether this is a air conditioning unit or satellite dishes, one of the big benefits of a flat roof is that it is much easier to check up on the installation of equipment.

So take advantage of that fact and carry out periodic inspections. Make sure that any equipment installed directly into the roof is done so in a way that has not damaged the roofing material. To speak with someone experienced, click here and get in touch with Jacob, owner of a roofing company in Mobile, Alabama who’s helped me multiple times in the past with inspections. They specialize in residential work and have extensive metal roofing experience as well.

For equipment mounted close to the roof, make sure all the fixtures are tight and the equipment is secure. This makes it less likely to be knocked loose during a storm, potentially damaging your roof surface.

Clean the Drains

Any inspection of the roof should also include a thorough check of the drainage and the guttering systems. It is these installations that remove water from the roof, so if they are blocked they will not be able to perform this function properly.

Your roof is not designed to have large volumes of water hanging around for long periods. This can lead to rotting of roof materials and in extreme cases the additional weight of all that water can cause the roof to sag inwards, buckle and even collapse.

So keep those drains as empty as possible!

And finally…

Storage Issues

It can be tempting to look at your flat roof as a source of additional storage space. However, for the long-term life of your roof it is recommended that you try to ignore this temptation if you can!

For one thing, if you are storing hazardous materials up there like paints or spirits (see full description in the previous link), there is a chance they could blow over or otherwise escape their containers, potentially damaging your roof.

For another, if you store heavy things up there (or simply too many items) you can place pressure on the roof. It is likely that not all of the roof will be completely supported by the building structure, so storing too much in one area could cause the roof to collapse.

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